About Us


In times like these, when safety and protection are top priority, we at ZIMS take pride in providing this valuable and priceless service – A sense of security
We strive to always keep you protected by developing, implementing and managing comprehensive security solutions that re-define the parameters of security. Our state of the art equipment and extensive training to employees along with superb supervisory staff ensure our utmost commitment to clients. Our philosophy of care is extended not only to our customers but to
all our employees so they can attain their goals.

ZIMS Evolution

Thriving for over two decades now, ZIMS established in 1992, has set high standards by constant expansion of quality services. With the highest recruitment rate and a prestigious clientele, we have been successful in setting up one of the largest security network in Pakistan From carrying security surveys and consultancy to VIP escorting and electronic security divisions we continually work 24/7 to never leave you endangered to ill doers. We have made our journey in cohesion with technology to render top-notch premium products that facilitate our clientele in implementing a safe environments that allows growth and progress.

Strategic Values

Our strategic belief lies in building strong and lasting relationships with our clients. We focus on finding the best security solutions based on the precise needs and challenges of our clientele, Specific to each situation, we customize and devise a security
plan to develop an effective set of operational methods to prevent any and all security breaches.
We provide thinking agents and on-site security directors for our clients to diagnose reasonably unforeseeable liabilities through our solid commitment ot methodical training nad preparation of our resources.

Recruitment criteria

When it comes to the protection and security of our clientele, there is no such thing as compromise. Therefore, the recruitment of our officers and staff is a rather competitice and selective process. The candidates are carefullfy screened based on the eligibility criteria with background checks on the eligibility criteria with background checks on educational records and clearance from any criminal activity. Once the eligible candidates are selected, each individual is trained to perform at their highest level of levying consistent security, and tested to operate under crisis situation

1-  Live Firing Practice

2- Rules of Engagement

3- Checking of Cehicles

4- Fire Fighting

5- Bomb Threat

6- Radio Communication

7- Etiquette Training

8- Physical Training

9- Weapon Handing

10- Gender

11- Sensitive Awareness Handing

12- Emergency Situations Handing

13- First Aid and Evacuation Training

Training Methology and Parameters

Quality training is important for being one of the largest security networks of Pakistan that ensure our training objectives.
Different scenarios are presented to the selected candidates to check their response in emergency procedures in order to take the right decisions.
We have developed a culture that goes beyound training modules, and into the tracking compliances through evaluations and reports, while offering accessibility and experties
in security-solutions.


Customized-Security Plans:

We are the pioneers and industry leaders in developing a customized-security plan for our prestigious clientele. From the initial assessments of the risks to your business, testing counter-measures, installing our state of the art devices, to providing
armed or unarmed force  we

tailor a plan according to your
specific needs and requirements, to

make you feel safe and secure 24/7.

Threat and Risk Assessment:

Failure to implement an appropriate emergency plan can not only result in regulatory fines but also damage property or injure occupants, and sur-rounding community. To prevent the occurrence of such events, we have threat and risk assessment consultants that identify the risks and vulnerabilities of the organization along with potential individuals and assets at risk. After these assessments,
our consultants develop and determine turnkey solutions to minimize damage and maintain a sate environment.

Project Management:

Along with customized plans and risk assessment, its important that security sustems be installed effectively and are appropriately integrated into your operations, with minimal disruption to your business or activities. Our project managers have an understanding of the diverse dynamics and security needs for different scenarios, and provide our products and services according to the needs of each requirement.